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Work Samples

Here's a piece I wrote for Zapier about cognitive biases and how we can use them to our advantage. It's informative, optimistic, and useful, examining a frustrating fact of life - we're not as smart or rational as we may like to believe - and celebrating our ability to use tools and conscious planning to make the most of difficult situations. It offers insight, proposes solutions, and serves the purpose of good content marketing: to illuminate the value of a product or service in a way that's valuable in its own right.


Content Marketing: Technology, Productivity, and Cognitive Bias

Script Writing: Neoteryx  


This corporate video tells the unique and influential story of a medical and scientific breakthrough and the ambitious, big-thinking startup that created it. It takes complex concepts and boils them down into a sticky and exciting presentation. This video, along with my other projects at Neoteryx, helped me win an award for "out-of-the-box thinking;" helped increase web traffic, conversions, and awareness for the Mitra microsampling device several times over; and helped a new company solidify its identity.


This was one of several detailed reports I created for Ashford University, a private educational institution that has since been folded into the University of Arizona Global Campus. Its purpose is to inspire prospective students to consider criminal justice careers by exploring complex, high-stakes controversies in the field. Using a strong, researched-backed narrative structure and examining multiple points of view, it puts current events in historical context and communicates the challenge and significance of entering this field at this moment.

High-Quality Content Marketing: Careers in Criminal Justice

Creative Inspiration: Are You an "Artrepreneur?"


This piece for the boutique staffing firm Artisan Creative will give you an idea of how I think about the nexus of creativity and business, and how I inspire others to reach their personal and professional potential.


Interview: Emerson Dameron's Digital Creative Adventures

Span: An Apple Watch Game

In this audio interview with my friend and collaborator Scott Winterroth, I share insights I've gleaned from my professional journey, my ideas about what approaches are most effective in digital media, the sort of projects I love most, how my work reflects my values, how I work with others, how to adapt and thrive in a shifting landscape, and how I inject a sense of fun and adventure into everything I do. It's a frank and inspired conversation. You'll get to know me well, and you'll get some juice for your own ideas.


As part of a three-person team, I created the branding, game design, and UX design for Span, one of the first games ever to be designed specifically for the Apple Watch interface.

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